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Block all those annoying game requests on Facebook

Well, we couldn’t agree more on how popular the games on Facebook are. However, most of us don’t like getting requests from our friends to try some lame game. So, if you are bugged by all those game requests on Facebook, there are a few ways by which you can block them. Let’s figure out […]

Tips to Spot Affiliate Marketing Scams

5 Simple Tricks that help you to recognize Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate marketing has become popular these days because most of us are not satisfied with our earnings and are always looking for alternative methods of earning which require little investment and that offers the freedom to work without any time limitations. In addition to this, affiliate marketing can get handsome rewards for anyone with good […]

safe shopping online

7 Things that help you stay safe shopping online

Shopping the holiday sales online can be a convenient and fun activity for grabbing plenty of bargains. Like in any transaction, there are security issues associated with online shopping, but with little commonsense and practical advice you can shop online with confidence. Consider these tips on what to do when shopping online in order to […]

Great tips to secure your Cloud data

Five Great tips to secure your Cloud data

Following the leak of hundreds of nude photos purportedly belonging to Hollywood celebrities online, everyone’s attention is back on cloud – who all are using it, what data has been stored on cloud and how it should be deleted immediately, because nothing is safe on cloud. But it doesn’t make any sense to blame the […]

YouTube's views

Mobile users contribute to half of YouTube’s Traffic

YouTube has long been offering the best digital content online, and music videos are arguably the most popular content the site has. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says that half of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices like phones and tablets. She also said the company was considering launching its own subscription video service with an […]

Apple Inc. Launches iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus In China

China iCloud hack could be backed by Chinese Government

Chinese authorities have tried to gain access to the users’ credentials held on Apple Inc’s iCloud storage and backup service, according to GreatFire, an independent Chinese censorship watchdog. With that information, a hacker can extract data such as user’s contacts, photos, messages and personal information stored in the cloud. reported earlier this week that […]