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Robotic Spider Dress

3D-Printed Robotic Spider Dress keeps strangers at bay

This terrifying new design takes wearable tech to a whole new level, one that basically makes Iron Man’s famous suit a reality. Netherlands-based fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht is seamlessly blending fashion with technology to keep strangers out of your personal space bubble. Among her creations is the recent Spider Dress 2.0 which is actually an […]

Ellusionist 5

The Pyro – Real fireball spitting wristband for sale

A magician from Virginia, Adam Wilber, has something magical, superhero thing to sell. He spent two-years building Pyro – a wrist band that shoots real fire balls from empty palm. There aren’t much fire spitting tools available in markets for sale, at least, not wearable ones. The Pyro is almost invisible when worn on wrist […]

Nestle Pepper robot

Nestle hires Pepper robots to sell espresso machines in Japan

Coffee giant Nescafe has employed a fleet of chirpy robots to sell its Nescafe Dolce and Nescafe Gold Blend Barista coffee machines in Japanese stores as part of its ongoing effort to promote the products in Nescafe’s biggest market. Japanese telecom giant Softbank had launched the humanoid robot – Pepper back in June, touting  the […]

meteorite bracelet

A £60,000 alien bracelet made from 4-billion-years old meteorite

How far one can go for show-off accessories? Some might chase the best, some might boast buying the most expensive, but unique stuff is rare and rare is always costly, and so is the £60,000 Senturion Meteorite bracelet. We would call it rare for it’s made from 4 billion years old metal from a meteorite, […]

wood, leather dumbbells

Wood and leather dumbbells to help you stay in shape

People may be more inclined to use fitness equipment if they were on display in the living room rather than hiding them away in a garage. Based on this concept, a German startup has created a set of stylish, wood and leather dumbbells that make it more convenient to stay in good shape and you […]

Hot Candy Heater 2

Hot Candy Heater – Little 38 gram heater burn on alcohol

Hot Candy Heater (HCH) is a 38 gram heater that is used on the top of a alcohol burner. The idea is to equip travelers, trekkers, and hikers with a compact heating tool when going into cold weathers. Well, ignore it if you don’t carry drinks while trekking. The HCH is handmade and its sale […]