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Hard Drive Recovery

How to Recover Data from Raw Hard Drive

  What is Raw Hard Drive A RAW drive is a disk partition that is either not formatted to the right file system, or the file system is corrupt, thereby making it inaccessible. The RAW hard drive is useless to a user as it cannot be opened without formatting the file system such as APFS […]

Google now nest thermostat

Google Now lets you control Nest Thermostat with voice commands

There’s some good news for Nest thermostat users that are having Android or iOS smartphones. Nest is now integrated with Google Now that makes it easy for you to control the wireless thermostat with just your voice. That means anyone who owns the thermostat will able to tweak the temperature by saying it out loud […]


Dropbox Mobile app finally integrated with Microsoft Office

Dropbox’s Microsoft integration has been activated on iPhone and Android devices. Earlier this month, Dropbox teamed up with Microsoft to allow users to edit Office docs from directly inside their Dropbox. The latest update of the Dropbox app for iOS and Android lets you open documents, spreadsheets or presentations when you’re on the go by […]


Biz Stone’s new colorful app Super: Another way to have fun

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter just launched a colorful new app called Super for iOS and Android. It’s the second post from Stone’s Jelly Industries, which launched the Q&A app jelly in 2013. While that app focused on its users answering questions using visuals, rather than text, Stone said his team’s second product is […]