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Meet Wishbone 3-in-1 kid’s bike made from 100% recycled carpet

In the past few years, we have seen bikes made from all sorts of strange materials such as wood;  we have also seen Ski bikes, couch bikes, and so on. But so far we haven’t seen a bike made from recycled carpet. Yes, Wishbone Design Studio has created a fantastic 3-in- 1 Wishbone Bike Recycled […]

Self-Assembling Origami Robots

Origami Robots Assemble themselves and Crawl away

A team of engineers from Harvard and MIT used little more than paper and Shrinky dinks to craft a robot that assembles itself into a complex shape in just four minutes and crawls away without any human intervention. “Getting a robot to assemble itself autonomously and actually perform a function has been a milestone we’ve […]


Top 10 Amazing High Tech Toys for Kids

Well, although neither Christmas nor Easter is round the corner, you could gift your kid something really special and make his/her day. One of the best options for you is to gift your kid with a high tech toy. Just go on and try these cool high tech toys for your child. 1.   Barbie […]

Beating Simon

Arduino takes on Simon – and Wins!

Simon is an electronic game of memory of the 70s. Recently a maker named Ben and his 7-year-old daughter have come up with a robot that took them almost exactly a year to finish and the robot is said to paly the memory game ‘Simon,’ and can beat it. The father and the daughter express […]

Spin Master's newest robo-pet Boomer

Spin Master’s newest robo-pet Boomer

Spin Master’s newest robo-pet Boomer is a remote control dinosaur that self-balances on a set of wheeled feet, terrorizing anyone you tell it to. This remote control robo has a great design having sound effects, light-up eyes, a swinging tail, and a moving head that occasionally bites. It is controlled by dinosaur egg-shaped remote having […]