CES 2014: Roku to unveil Roku TV in CES

Roku, the maker of most popular internet streaming has now unveiled its Roku TV. Roku TV has already got two Chinese electronics manufacturers, TCL and Hisense which will be first to partner with Roku on the smart TV.
With Apple also being rumored to be working on TV, Roku will also have big competitors already dominating market such as Samsung, LG, Sony and also very soon Google.
“If you think about streaming, the two categories of products growing are set-top boxes like ours … [and] smart TVs,” said Jim Funk, Roku senior vice president of product management. “We want as big a platform as possible for Roku.”
Colin Dixon, chief analyst for researcher NScreenMedia, said Roku will focus on managing the software and delivering the streamed content while the manufacturers focus on what they do best.
Introducing Roku TV in CES 2014
“It solves a really big problem for the middle-tier and small TV manufacturers,” Dixon said. “These guys don’t have the wherewithal to recruit all the content and applications they need to be successful.”

Jim Funk said Roku would bring the uncomplicated Internet streaming experience of its devices to this new smart TV. The screen will draw together all sources of entertainment content in one place — so viewers can choose whether to watch a program airing on TV, watch a Blu-ray movie, play a video game, stream a TV show on Netflix or listen to music on Pandora.
Roku TV prices are yet to be unveiled however, it will be available in US market this fall, in sizes ranging from 32 to 55 inches.