CES 2014: The Preview

The Las Vegas Convention Center is once again choosen as the venue for CES 2014 and its all set to fire the floor with new and innovative technology. Now in its 47th year, CES has always been a biggest tech show and will certainly continue to be. CES is a biggest and more liked platform for the business world to introduce or rather launches their product.

CES 2014 will begin from 7th January to 10th January and Las Vegas has already been lightened to welcome the tycoons from the World. Below you will see latest inklings of what you can expect from this most high-profile tech show of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro :

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro might is expect to come in two sizes, big one and not so big one. In December there was a news that the 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note Pro had been spotted at an event in Korea. Now, it is said that Samsung Galaxy Note Pro will be available in two sizes. (12.2-inch variant and a 10.1-inch model).
There’s nothing much revealed about a the larger version but sources says that bigger tablet is set to have a 2560 x 1600 resolution and will be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 3GB of RAM.

LG expected to give webOS another lifeline with new Smart TV:

LG expected to give webOS another lifeline with new Smart TV
LG is expected to offer webOS, which can give another lifeline with new smart TV. The Korean company, which bought webOS from HP in February, will introduce the first set running the software at the show, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, backing up rumors earlier this month. Eventually, LG may plan to insert webOS into its own range of smartphones and tablets, the report claimed.

Samsung’s new pebble-shaped Smart Control remote:

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Samsung is likely to introduce its new pebble-shaped Smart Control remote in CES 2014. The pebble shape gives it a more sexier and fascinating look. This restyled remote has a better grip and a handy comfort. It has 80 per cent smaller touchpad that remains within thumbs-reach. We are excited to see this remote in CES 2014 alongside company’s new flatscreens.

LG Sonos-style multi-room audio streamer:

LG Sonos-style multi-room audio streamer
LG is all set to launch its stylish Sonos-style multi-room audio streamer at CES 2014. The NP8740 can be used by itself or combined with more of its kin, via Wi-Fi to ensure tunes reach the bedroom, kitchen and living room, or anywhere else around the domicile. The best part about this audio streamer is that users will be able to play the same track in all rooms depending on the settings. This audio streamer runs the latest mesh network technology, which includes dual band Wi-Fi support (2.4/5GHz) to deliver high quality streaming music throughout the home. LG has yet not revealed its price and availability however it is expected to reveal all its information CES.

Google to debut new Ambarella-based wearable cameras with Helpouts:

Google to debut new Ambarella-based wearable cameras with Helpouts
Ambarella has announced that Google will debut its new wearable cameras for use with Helpouts in CES 2014. Ambarella called the tech “a new class of wearable cameras,” one designed to help people doing various activities connect with one another via Helpouts.
“Ambarella-based wearable cameras with Helpouts will enable instructors to see live video from the trainee’s perspective, or vice versa, supporting interactive teaching of sports, fitness, art, cooking, engineering or any other hands-on activity,” the company said in the announcement.

Samsung Revealed new wireless streaming speaker, home theater system, portable stereo and two TV soundbars:

Samsung Revealed in CES 2014
It seems that a Samsung is all set to launch its new wireless streaming speaker, home theater system, portable stereo and two TV soundbars at CES 2014. This Korean company launched Shape wireless streaming audio system and the M7 speaker few months back and now it’s ready to reveal a new and smaller member of the family, the M5. Though M5 has only three drivers, however it still packs the same wireless audio tech as M7. M5 is controlled by the Shape mobile app, connects to your local network through a Shape hub wired to your router and automatically fits into your existing system, no matter it’s a multi-room or multi-channel setup. In addition, Samsung cooked up a connect box that hooks up with old school analog speakers and loops them into the Shape system so they can be wirelessly controlled too.
Not only this, Samsung’s also crafted a pair of Shape-compatible soundbars, the HW-H750 and the HW-H600. The H750 soundbar pumps out 320W of sound and is built to sit beneath the largest of TV’s (curved or otherwise), while the H600 sound stand is designed so that smaller 32-55 inch TV’s sit directly on top of it while it pumps out multi-directional 4.2 channel audio.
Samsung will be showing off a new HT-H7730WM home entertainment system. HT-H7730WM home entertainment system comes with six speakers, one subwoofer, a Blu-ray player capable of upscaling to UHD (4K) resolution and an amplifier packing both analog vacuum tubes and digital amps. Despite of having 6.1 speakers, the system delivers up to 9.1 channels of sound using the new DTS Neo: Fusion II codec.

Archos Unveils Step-Counting Fitness Tracker:

Archos Unveils Step-Counting Fitness Tracker
The Archos activity tracker is a wristband, which can measure all your activities such as how many steps you have taken in a day, view your history. This tracker will also let you know how many calories you burnt a day. This fitness tracker with complete battery charge can last an entire week (charges vis USB) which sounds cool to me. Though fitness tracker is not a new thing that has happened as we have already sen Nike fuelband earlier. This Fitness tracker has already started gathering a rush by unveiling this product.

The countdown for CES 2014 has already started as there are few days left for the opening of this biggest International show. As we saw, 2013 gave us numerous products and we are expecting more astonishing creativity at CES 2014. So, stay updated with us and know what all CES 2014 has got for you in its bucket.