Charge your gadget with this cool solar jacket from Tommy Hilfiger


Designer clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger has released jackets which are equipped with solar panels resulting in a wearable portable charger which looks totally fashionable. Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with Pvilion which is a company that specializes in harnessing solar power, to design and produce the limited edition jackets which would be available for the holiday season this year.

The jackets are separately available for men and women. The product features an array of removable solar panels which will be able to collect solar power that can be used for providing energy to charge batteries of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and tablets.

The solar panels are lightweight and feature high output solar cells. They feed power into the battery pack. A battery pack, once fully charges, will be able to recharge a standard device requiring 1,00 mAh to a maximum of four times. However, we are not sure about how long it takes for the battery pack to get completely charge after collecting solar energy.

The solar panels which are used are not only lightweight, but they are also flexible and water resistant. They can be easily detached and re-attached to the back of the jackets. The solar panels are connected to a removable battery pack, located in the front pocket of the jacket, through a cable which runs discreetly within the lining of the jacket. The pocket where the battery pack is located has a unique snap-flap cover which gives the user easy access to the battery pack which has two USB ports. As there are two ports, you could charge up to two devices at the same time through a USB cord.

When you are indoors, you could charge the battery pack through a USB connection to a laptop or by plugging it into an external power outlet. So, when you put away the jacket, the energy within the battery pack will be stored until next time that it is used.

This jacket costs $600 and you could get it on the Tommy Hilfiger website. In case you are reluctant to buy the jacket, then just a side note: 50% of the sales will be donated to Fresh Air Fund which a charitable organization providing 1.7 million kids in New York with a chance of going to summer camp.

Via: Cool Wearable