Charge your gadgets with ThinkGeek’s Flux Capacitor


Every “Back to the future” fan would love to own a Flux capacitor car charger. The Flux capacitor charger was an April Fool joke product from ThinkGeek. With great encouragement from fans, ThinkGeek made the gadget-charging Flux Capacitor into a real product.

The capacitor measures 16” X 11” and is based on the original style from the movie. The USB charger is a two-port USB hub that plugs into your car’s 12V vehicle power adapter. The Flux device has the potential of charging any 2 USB powered devices at the same time from the dedicated ports located on its side.

The authentic lighting effects are true to the original movie prop. And yes, the bulbs inside y actually pulse with light, just like they did in the movie’s iconic Delorean. Flexible arm pivots up and down so you can better customize it to best fit your vehicle’s power port placement. The device is now available at ThinkGeek for $24.99.