ChargerLeash Pro gets new snooze feature and a flat cable design


While we don’t forget carrying our phones, we often forget to pick up our charging cables that are left behind. It’s a familiar story that could happen at home, conference rooms, airports or the hotel room you just have checked out of and now you’re left with a dead smartphone and possibly lost $40 odd. ChargerLeash was a replacement USB charging cable for your smartphone that sounds an audible and visual alarm when unplugged. This on-the-go ChargerLeash continues squawking for a few seconds after disconnecting your cell phone and other devices to ensure your device and the charging cord are always united.

Now, there’s a new “Pro” version with a “Snooze” feature that lets you silence the alarm when at home or office and a flat cable design that ensures tangle free charging. The ChargerLeash also works as an anti-theft device that rings bell when someone is messing around with your smartphone while it’s charging in public places such as an airport.

Available with either a Apple 30-Pin, Lightning connector, Micro or 2-in-1 Apple Lightning & Micro connector combo, the ChargerLeash Pro is guaranteed to charge/sync all of your devices and is priced at $34.99.

Via: Gadgeteer