Check out Moss an innovative robot kit for all enthusiasts

Moss robot kit

These days, when we walk to a nearby toy store and look at the stuff for sale, we most likely are intrigued by them and simply wish we had them back in our good old days. I mean, all those high tech toys which include robotics, construction kits and smart devices leave us in awe. ‘Moss’ – which we are going to introduce to you, is a package of these things.

Modular Robotics, the Colorado based hardware setup started off as a Kickstarter campaign last year and it made quite a lot more than $100,000, which was its goal. Well, no wonder! The kit balances both education and entertainment and who wouldn’t want to get their hands on it?

This kit is updated for the smartphone generation of course. It allows the users to control their creations with Android and iOS based devices. Moss has some pretty incredible stuff to offer for the generation of geeks and is a really tough competitor to other brands. So let us see what it has to offer it is really is worth the price.

Moss robot kit-1

To start off, let me tell you that you are in for a treat once you buy this thing. It contains 52 blocks and 140 Carbon Steel Spheres. Coming to the price, it costs about $480. The 52 blocks which you will find inside are six sided plastic cubes having conducting metal points and covered by a colored octagon on each side. The colors indicate stuff like, the green faces indicate power, brown indicates data-in, blue indicates simple pass-through faces for both data and power. Many of the blocks also have white faces which simply serve as dead ends.

There are many specialty blocks included too lick green power block which switches and a micro USB port for charging. Also, the red drain block has a Bluetooth module built in for the smartphone connectivity and numbered sides that correspond to the app. However, for the money it is charging, it would have included two power blocks so that one could charge and build simultaneously.

Moss robot kit-2

The other specialty blocks include motors, flashlights, pivots and sensors for lights, sound and an adjustment knob. However, the frustrating part is that there are a lot of small metal parts which are easily lost. For younger kids, this thing definitely requires adult supervision.

So altogether, Moss is an extremely fun kit, although $480 is way out of many people’s budget. So, it would be better if you would wait because there is a pretty good chance that the price might fall down a bit. Also, in the meanwhile, the company will likely refine the product bringing it with more support and additional models to build.

Via: Mashable