Check out the new quadrotor – Only, it isn’t made of aluminium or carbon frame….

Over the past few years, there is so much development in the field of quadrotor parts and technology. With so much of advancement, it has become possible to make almost everything fly if some high speed rotors are strapped to it. You’ll be shocked if I say this, but, in this article, we’re introducing the first edible quadrotor!

Chocolate Quadrotor

There is this guy named Michael who enjoys building and flying quadrotors. And, his girlfriend is the type of person who loves baking chocolates! Once, she just got this crazy idea. She thought how it would be like to combine both their skills and build a quadrotor. In the beginning, Michael was a bit doubtful in the beginning.

Well, we all have to agree. I mean, how’s it even possible? Chocolate doesn’t even make a third of carbon or aluminium for a frame material. Worse than that, chocolate melts at room temperature! But, they both thought they might take a shot at it.

In the beginning, they just built a wooden prototype and later created a silicone mold from it. They used Styrofoam and metal spacers for the electronic mounts they filled the mold with chocolate and let it set. It took a bit of assembling and finally, they had a chocolate quadrotor. And the best part is, it flies!