Chrome OS update adds MTP support to all chrome devices excluding Chromebox

MTS support Chorme OS update

Chromebooks are pretty small devices, but to enhance their ability, Google recently released an update for the Stable version of Chrome OS, bringing MTP support to all Chrome OS devices, excluding Chromeboxes. MTP support means you can connect your Android devices to your Chromebook and swap files between them.

While its pretty easy to swap files between devices by using cloud storage, email or some other method, using a cable is typically faster and easier. Moreover, it doesn’t require any mobile broadband. But you need to carry a USB cable with you to avail the new feature.

Google also noted that the update for the stable version of Chrome includes a set of features that enhance touch screen accessibility, bug fixes, and other tweaks.

The new version should hit all Chrome OS devices over the next few days. Google hasn’t revealed any details as to when this will land on Chromebox.

Via: Intomobile