Chrome OS update allows multi-user mangement, settings window and more

Chrome OS update
The latest Chrome OS update comes with a couple of new features that continue to make your web experience more enjoyable. Perhaps, the major change is new multi-user management: now more than one user can sign into a Chromebook as Google has added a way to switch between multiple users without having to log in and out each time. This type of support was only available for Windows and OSX computers. Previously, Chrome OS did not support multiple accounts and you had to log out in order to switch users.

Another interesting feature added is that Settings now appear in a window rather than a tab. Though, there were many ways to access Settings, each method opens the menu through a browser tab in Chrome as if it were a webpage. However, with the latest version, Settings will now open as window that you can close, minimize, expand, navigate around etc. Although the changes are very few, the new version provides comfort and drastically improves workflow.

Other OS tweak include a new “app info” view in the Chrome launcher and the ability to save to Google Drive in Incognitio mode, and a feature that helps businesses and organizations to push and manage bookmarks across multiple devices. The update is now available for Chrome OS machines. Your Chromebook will inform you of the availability of Version 37 with an arrow icon in the status bar. Click that icon and restart your machine, the updates are applied.

Via: Engadget