Chromecast Update Enables Screen Mirroring on Selected Android Devices

Google announced on Tuesday that Android users can now start mirroring everything on their phone to their TV using Chromecast. The announcement was made earlier at Google I/O last month and is now a reality. Mirroring feature can be useful to you when you’re giving a presentation, showing off snaps from a recent trip, or playing a game.

Chromecast update

The update brings the app up to version 1.7 and brings this beta feature to users with a compatible device. The Chromecast app will allow you to send anything on your Android phone over to your TV just by hitting a “cast screen” button. The list of devices that support Chromecast app include the recent Nexus line as well as phones from Samsung, HTC and LG. In case your devices aren’t on Google’s compatibility, you can go for third-party mirroring apps.

Source:  Google Chrome Blog

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