Cicret bracelet – Explore the world with just a touch on your arm

Over the months, we have been seeing wearable technology coming up with things weirder than ever. But, the thing you are about to see now is the weirdest of them all. A small tech company out of France lately disclosed the Cicret Bracelet. It is a kind of smart bracelet which projects a touchscreen on your arm. Well, this is just like a smartphone without the phone! How cool is that?

YouTube video,  explaining how the device worked, went viral, hitting more than 4,222,427 views. The website of the bracelet says that designers are yet working on the prototype version of the waterproof tablet that would be projected on your arm. Also, the website warned not to trust any website selling it yet.

The Cicret can be activated with a twist of the wrist and is equipped with an embedded memory card, accelerometer, processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro USB port. But, the vital part is the so-called ‘pico-projector’ which projects the interface on your arm and an array of proximity sensors. When you place a finger on the interface, one of the 8 proximity sensors will be stopped. The sensor will then send the information back to the processor embedded in the bracelet.

Cicret bracelet_1

With Circet, you can read all your mails, answer our phone calls, find your way, play your favorite games, check weather and do whatever you could do on a tablet, but on your arm. Like every other gadget, even this faces its share of criticism as there is no working prototype currently.

The inventors reported that they would need €700,000 to finish the prototype of the bracelet and €300,000 to develop the Cicret app for all platforms. If the crowd sourcing proves to be successful, then the Cicret bracelet is said to be available in ten different colors and two storage sizes of 32 GB and 16 GB.

The co founder of Cicret, Guillaume Pommier told that the bracelet would be available in the market in a year and a half from now and the estimated price would be $400.

Cicret bracelet_2

Via: Discovery