Coccon: Smart home security device that detects intruders with infrasonic sound

cocoon-security-system device

Cocoon is a smart home security device that has been designed to listening out to noises that human ear can’t detect. It achieves this sensitivity using a wide-angle HD camera with night vision, Motion detection, smartphone connectivity and Subsound technology. Just place the device in any room and it will be able to detect any intruders in a different room through closed walls and doors offering a more sensitive security system. According to cocoon’s makers, this system allows the device to monitor your entire house from a single point. If anything unusual happens, Coccon sends a smartphone notification so you can take the required action and feel safe.

Cocoon learns over time who should and shouldn’t be there. It is pet-friendly and tunes itself to your environment to avoid false ringing bells so you can trust it to know when to alert you. This is all packed into a small unit about the size and shape of a tennis ball.

The Coccon is being funded through Indiegogolooking to raise $100,000 USD in pledges to make the jump from prototype to production. Till now it has attracted $47,457 USD by Indiegogo. So if you think Cocoon is something you could benefit from, you can pre-order the device for $250 to $300. The company starts shipping the first 200 units with a 30 percent discount to backers sometime in Q4 of 2015. When Cocoon goes on sale, it should cost around $299.


Via: DigitalTrends