Control VR Can Replicate Precise Finger Motions In Virtual Worlds

Technologies like Google Glass and Oculus’ Rift headset have made it easier for us to get our heads into improved and virtual realities. The California-based company, Control VR is all set to launch its gesture control gloves on Kickstarter.

Control VR gloves
Well, we knew that VR gloves had been around for a long time now. But, they were all just prototypes, DIY projects or very expensive devices used only for specialized fields like surgery or robotics.

The glove fits on the user’s arms and shoulders and can precisely sense the accurate movements of the user’s fingers and translate them into virtual realities. Also, the Control VR can sense the finger and arm motions without having to use an external camera.

The company plans to give out the system at $350. To sense the movements of your arms, fingers and hands, it will be using DARPA-designed microsensor. These sensors detect even the smallest inertial changes and allow you to control virtual game objects like game characters, 3D animations, physical devices like robots and military hardware.

The development kit comes with twenty free demo apps and support Android, Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, the team will provide an open source SDK to create software for Google Glass, Oculus Rift and Parrot AR drone.

Even though Control VR’s system certainly appears smaller and more precise than its peers, we still have to see how quickly the virtual reality community will warm to it.

Source :  Control VR  Control VR Kickstarter