Crealev develops Floating Hoverboard Display

crealev floating hoverboard display-2

Crealev designs eye-catching products utilizing own patented magnetic levitation technology. The company’s floating displays are the complete solution for creating awesome presentations.

Here’s something new from Crealev labs. It’s a floating Hoverboard prototype with a descending and rising mechanism based on the original Mattel Replica. It’s for sale. The display contains one of two different bases; a standing one measuring at 121 cm high and another a tabletop model.

crealev floating hoverboard display

The hoverboard display is activated by connecting the power plug to the mains. Hold the display on the top of your fingertips with the two magnet pads facing downwards. Hold it over the base and center the reflective spots above both sensors until lock occurs, then carefully release the front end of the board, with one hand lightly supporting the back-end. Gently let it go and the hoverboard is floating. Make sure to use the hoverboard only above its intended base and never try it on water.

crealev floating hoverboard display-1

The company also warns against using the hoverboard to try and outrun oddly clothed street gangs. These hoverboards are a limited run of just nine pieces.  When they are sold out, they are gone. The company won’t be able to create new ones in future. The tabletop display is priced at Euro 1950/piece, while the standing display costs Euro 2385/piece.

Via : Crealev