Create a backup to help restore data on iPhone the right way

restore data on iPhone

When you have a iPhone, it is a given that you must be storing and carrying a lot of data in your phone. Your smart phone will virtually have all the vital details of your life. This means any loss of data or information from your phone will mean a lot of upheavals in your life. So you need to create a backup of all the information in your iPhone at regular intervals so that it is secure. Here is how you can do it:

When it comes to iTunes you have two alternatives for backing up the data. You can either do it on your laptop or PC or alternately on iCloud. This is cloud storage that allows you to synchronize between many iOS devices and your computer. Using these two alternatives you can rest easy on this aspect of data.

Normally speaking iTunes can be a little complicated when in putting tunes and photos, but taking a backup of iOS devices using iTunes is very easy and can be done with little effort. ( you need to through “How to Backup iPhone SMS to your computer” for more details)

Creating Backup of Data on iPhone

When you are linking or connecting the iPhone to the PC and launching on iTunes, you can at that point of time view options for backing up data on to your PC or on the iCloud. The thing to remember is that this will also back up all things on to your iCloud.

1-Create a backup to help restore data on iPhone the right way

You can choose either alternative and click on Backup. Then go back and click on second option to create a full backup. You can select and use both the methods for backing up, either through iTunes. This will be found under the summary option of your devices and it is better for you to do the process of backing up manually. Do this by right clicking on the device and clicking Back up.

2-Create a backup to help restore data on iPhone the right way

Backing up and Restoring Applications: To create backup for applications, you may utilize the option that says Transfer Purchases when you use right click on iTunes. This will start transfer and creation of backup of your applications put in on your device to the Computer. Since applications will not get restored by restoring from backup, you need to pull the applications that have been shifted to iTunes back to your iPhone to get it back.

3-Create a backup to help restore data on iPhone the right way 4-Create a backup to help restore data on iPhone the right way

Getting Data Back from the Backup: Once a backup has been created you can easily restore the vital data to a new device if you have bought one or to another device. To do this, simply connect the iDevice to the PC or laptop. Once you do that you need to start iTunes. Use the right click on your device in the iTunes and click select on Restore from the Backup. Then click on the latest stored Backup and restore it.

5-Create a backup to help restore data on iPhone the right way

When you find that the your device does not work the way you want to one of the best things to do is go back to factory settings. But this will also remove all the changes you have made and the complete information will be wiped out. This means your device will become a brand new one once again, it would be as if you just took it out of the box. Having a backup of most information in such cases will be a lifesaver. This way any emergency with regard to your device becomes a matter of two steps. Going back to factory settings and then retrieving backed up information from cloud or your computer.