Creative Pens

The word pen has its  origin in Latin word ‘penna'(means feather). Pen has been part of us since man knew writing and has evolved with us over the ages.Today our innovators has one of the finest, classical trendy technical and modern pens cum devices which has indeed made writing such an amazing and great experience. Here are some of them which are rightfully said top five ranked pens of today’s world :

Ostrich Pen :

Going in descending order this ostrich headed and feathered pen is one of the finest example of using history with modern ideas. Cheers to the designer Arizona who gave us glimpse of historic feathered writing tools.


Hyperdermic Pen:

Finest Designer surely has kept doctors and people in the profession of medicines and body sciences in their mind as this syringe shaped ‘injection pen’ compliments the profession and the style of the doctors, radiologists and other professional alike. Colored inks gives rather more trendy look to these ball point unusually designed pens.

Jack Pot Pen:

This jackpot slot machine type pen is just a like a real one, armed bandit and write down your heart out. In medium black ink.With  this you definitely has something to feel lucky about!

 Star Wars Lego Pens:

This another damn good invention of this writing tool combined with legos and star wars undauntedly makes it more like a style gadget or a must have item in your stationary offered in set of three:
Yoda, Darth, Vader and RD D2 in self assembly format is undoubtedly an ideal gifts for kids and adults both.

Free Ride Pen:

This is one of the eye-catching design by Jean Pierre Lupine, titled as free ride pen. This scientifically designed pen’s asymmetric design lowers the center of gravity which gives this pen a tumbling effect so it won’t roll. Jean’s deep research & study has definitely made this pen ergonomic, different and fun. A finger cushion er at holding point, roller wheel pocket clip, paddled push button makes this pen a finest writing tool.