Cree offers new cheaper and lightweight LED bulbs

cree led bulbs

Looking for LED bulbs that are cheaper and last longer? Well, Cree is offering a cheaper version of its original LED bulb that looks more or less the same as the traditional incandescent light bulbs. These high-caliber LED bulbs cost you $7.97 and lasts for 25,000 hours which is 25 times more than their incandescent counterparts.

In Cree’s new LED bulbs, the heat sink is modified to a multi-finned collar that sits around the base of the bulb. This gives a enough room for the bulb to better dissipate the heat that it generates while lighting.

The new bulbs are designed using a convection-based technology dubbed 4Flow Filament design. As the LED generates heat, it draws cooler, ambient air in through the slots on the bottom, expelling the hot stuff through the top. This eliminates the need for the heat sink, resulting in a low-cost, lighter bulb.

The glass in the original Cree LED’s bulb gets replaced by lightweight, shatter-proof plastic. The new LED bulbs will be available in 40- and 60- watt variants, putting out 460 and 815 lumens respectively. Each of them will also come in two color temperatures- warm and daylight. Most consumers prefer warm white for their homes. Also, these bulbs consume 85% less power than incandescent bulbs. The new versions can be ordered now via the Home Depot website and will hit the stores starting in November.

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