Daft Punk helmet that is controlled by an iPhone

iPhone-Controlled Daft Punk Helmet

There’s a dedicated community of Daft Punk fans who create some fantastic replicas, and Marc is one among them. Four years ago, the office where Marc worked had a big, professional 3D printer – a Fortus 400MC. He used the printer to print a couple of things including 2 Daft helmets worn by the Daft Punk artists Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo. He was assisted by his friend Alex in designing each helmet flawlessly. After few months, Marc continued with his project and the end product is a 3D printed Daft Punk Helmet loaded up with 320 WS2811 LEDs.

The 3D printed helmet was designed well but as with any extrusion-based printer, the ridges and layers needed sanding and painting. Marc assigned this task to his other friend Shaggy as he was busy with the electronics part.

Instead of commonly used SMD versions, Marc preferred to use WS2811 LEDs for the visor and earmuffs.  LEDs are controlled by Teensy 3.1 with Paul Stoffregen’s OctoWS2811 library. With the matrix connected, batteries installed, WiFi capability added and the helmet painted, Marc was ready with a replica of the Thomas helmet that could be controlled through an iPhone. Check out Marc’s work in the video below.

Via: Hackaday