Dan Granett’s $2.3 million Project- Bugjuggler Giant Robot

Dan Garnett, a former technician at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory has been working on a realistic project dubbed as Bugjuggler, for which he seeks corporate funding.

70-Foot Car-Juggling Robot
On completion of the project, the giant robot will stand 70-feet-tall on two fixed legs. It will be using huge hydraulic arms each capable of juggling an 1,800-pound Volkswagen Beetle. The bugjuggler can be controlled by a person wearing computerised gloves standing at a safe distance from the machine. Granett wants to show the audience how the robot works. “Of course there will be a safety radius around the operation,” he said

Granett has tied up with two more persons for the project- an animator and a web designer. The team is seeking funds for the $2.3 million project from wealthy companies or individuals.

“A drop in the bucket,” Granett says of the amount they’re asking for, at least compared to other crazy online funding goals.

Granett and his team promises to teach sponsors how to control the robot.

70-Foot Car-Juggling Robot

Granett has taken the names of some candidates who he thinks are interested in sponsoring for the project- Red Bull, Elon Musk and Richard Branson.He says that it would take him around 8 months to complete his project.

Via : Gizmodo

Source:  Bugjuggler