David Edwards oPhone Lets You Send Smells, Not Texts

Today people have many ways of communicating with their known ones. The communication modes are becoming so advanced that it just takes a click to convey your message to someone sitting in another part of the world. Modes such as messaging, voice calling, face to face through web cam, via chats etc have become so important for everyone that world seems ended without using them.
However, great minds did not stopped their inventions here only, Edwards, the mind behind Le Laboratoire, the Paris innovation tank and research facility that brought us Wikipearls and Le Whaf. This group has come up with their new invention, the oPhone. The OPHONE is the brainchild of David Edwards and his Harvard students, Rachel Field and Amy Yin.

oPhone is aiming to make olfactory communication commonplace by transmitting odors much in the same way you send text messages. Is this possible to do so from any phone? There must be many questions taking place in your minds about this odd invention. But its true David Edwards and his team has made this unusual thing possible with oPhone.
David Edwards said,

“Odor transmission to date is not smart,” he explains. “If I give you the odor of a pizza, I have a difficult time immediately after giving you the odor of the sea and then giving you the odor of a cactus.”

He also added that The oPhone solves this problem with its main innovation: the oChip. This little cartridge, about the size of a fingernail, contains olfactive information that can produce of odor signals. The idea is that these chips can be installed in the oPhone, and via a bluetooth-connected app called oTracks, scents can be sent to yourself or an oPhone-carrying friend with the push of a button. These are pretty subtle odor signals that allow me to create sentences, paragraphs and essays, if you will, of odor messages,”

“If Twitter had this enormous impact with very limited information content exchange, you can imagine a complete aroma equivalent of that,” he says. “It’s fascinating how powerful that could be.”

The most current version that was unveiled at the WIRED UK conference is a system of sorts that uses four cylindrical oPhones that can each be loaded with up to eight scent chips. The final product is expected later this year, it will come with two oPhones, and a choice that Edwards says is a compromise to ensure people can experience more than once smell simultaneously.This invention of Edwards will take phone technology to a great height and hopefully will be appreciated by everyone.

Via : wired