DeBrew: Automatic pour-over coffee machine


Pour-over coffee brewing provides better tasting coffee than the one brewed using automatic coffee maker. Although coffee lovers often prefer pour-over just for the manual experience, Elias has automated his pour-over coffee setup with an elaborate delta-robot- the DeBrew.

The coffee-brewing robot is designed using a 3d printer powered by BeagleBone Black. The BeagleBone runs stepper motors and displays information on a small open-source hardware HDMI LCD display. The brewing process which includes the radius of the pouring pattern, water temperature, and grinding coarseness of the Delta Robot can be visualized and customized through its web interface with drag-drop functionality.

Elias has drawn up a quick sketch of the system design and has also made all of his python source code available as open-source to help those interested in designing their own pour-over robot. Watch the video below that demonstrates how his delta pour-over bot operates.

Via: Hackaday