Dell’s Alienware Graphics Amplifier for high-powered gaming on your laptop


Alienware has a special treat for PC gamers. The gaming division of Dell recently introduced its Alienware Graphics Amplifier, an external enclosure that brings high-end desktop graphics to an Alienware 13 laptop an upgraded version of the Alien 14.

Laptops are certainly good for most tasks but when coming to its graphics capabilities, they do not support the most graphically-advanced games because of the limitations of the laptops in terms of performance and power. And, switching over to a high-powered desktop computer for gaming also requires heavy investment.

The Alienware 13 laptop comes with the dedicated amplifier that allows you to attach a full-length desktop graphics card- such as the Nvidia GTX 980 or Radeon HD R9 295X2- to your laptop. It features a 460-watt PSU and full-length dual-width PCI Express x16 graphics card slot. The amplifier without a graphic card will be sold for the price $300 and it currently supports only the Alienware 13 laptop. The Alienware Graphics Amplifier really should give you high-powered gaming experience.

Via: Geek