Depth Sensing Portable cameras lets you explore the world in unusual ways

depth sensing cameras

Oculus Rift and 3D video Google solutions are some of the best virtual reality tools that help you explore virtual worlds with stereoscopic cameras, but so far none of us have explored real life with digital stereoscopic cameras.

In this project Pabr fixes a depth-sensing camera to a head-mounted display unit which is a combination of Kinect-like sensor in an Asus X-tion + Google cardboard, to achieve 3D stereoscopic images that is impossible to experience through our naked eyes. Stereoscopic images are achieved by overlapping the same image, but offsetting it at about 20 inches apart.

An ASUS Xtion depth sensor is connected to the USB OTG port of an Android phone like Galaxy S3. With a little bit of code, the depth information from the ASUS Xtion sensor is stereoscopically relayed to the Android’s display. Coming to the hardware, a VR-Spektiv XL, a piece of cardboard and hot glue would make a perfect kit.

Pabr demonstrates his build in the video below, along with a few examples of what his project can do.

Via: Hackaday