Digital Signs And Your Business [Infographic]

Going digital can be good for customers and great for restaurants and other businesses.  Digital signs can be easily changed or edited.  If a price changes the sign changes.  If you want to add a special to the menu, just pop it in there.  The options and prices become more clear to the customers.  Employees don’t need to remember specials and new prices.  Everyone’s job becomes easier and more clear.

Sixty to seventy percent of restaurant orders come through the drive thru.  Digital signs can make the whole process faster, more efficient, and more accurate.  Immediately after installing digital signs restaurants can expect to see a 3-5% increase in sales.  In addition, digital signs can be utilized in such a way that they promote the higher profit-margin items on the menu, which further increases the ROI for digital signs.

Having a menu that is easy to read is the most important thing to many of your customers, and digital signs can help you achieve that.  Easy to read signs can also encourage patrons to try new things.  Eighty percent of adults have seen a digital sign in the past month, and of those 70% made an unplanned purchase as a result.  Learn more about how digital signs can improve your business from this infographic.

Digital Signs And Your Business