Discover the offline T-Rex game on Google chrome’s latest version


Google has added a cute, secret game into Chrome Canary – the latest version of Google’s browser meant for early adopters and developers. You can actually play the game only when the browser detects you’re offline.

The brave hero in this game is a T-Rex dinosaur. The T-Rex character shows up when browser can’t connect to the internet. The new error page looks like this.

At first, nothing seems special here. By hitting the space bar you unveil the game hidden inside. As you hit the space bar, the T-Rex character will immediately jump to avoid hitting cacti. The land beneath him stretches to the right, and he’ll start running.

This cute little game was first spotted by Google open-source Chromium evangelist Francisco Beaufort.

The game tracks your progress and high score, but your scores are lost after the window closes or you refresh the page.

Via: Mashable