DIY Smoke Detector that can be Hooked up to your Home Automation System

A faulty circuit, a discarded burning cigar, or a left-on curling iron can set almost everything nearby on fire until all that’s left is smoldering ash. You’re likely to lose your life if you don’t have a smoke detector. They are life saving devices that simply alert you to the danger of fire. But what happens if no one is home, and the alarm goes a waste? Everything is set on fire without the owners knowing.

A Cheap DIY Smoke Detector
Martin bought a battery-powered smoke detector and hooked it up with his home automation system to notify him exactly when the piezo siren is activated, the evolution of the automatic fire alarm continued into the realm of wireless internet-connected things.

The Funky v1 is ideal for the purpose because it is really flat/tiny and would fit inside the alarm. It will tap into the piezo siren and sleep until the siren is activated. Upon activation, it will make a wireless transmission to his home automation system (Raspberry Pi running Node-Red) for further processing and alerting him on his phone. SMS can be sent, as well as emails and pushbullet notifications. Once the Piezo siren is activated, the system alerts him that smoke has been detected and that it requires his attention immediately.

The reason for the success of this project besides the life saving capabilities and instant push notifications is that it is hooked up for the cheap. You need not invest in a brand-new, expensive Nest Protect, all you need is a sensor or two and a Raspberry Pi to hack the fire alarm that already sits in the house.


Via : hackaday