DIYer’s Delight: Star Wars Theme Christmas Tree

Remember when the Star Wars Holiday Special was premiered in 1978 starring Harrison Ford and the trilogy’s original cast? This was the first spin off of the Star Wars to be broadcast and it has never been rebroadcast or released on home video. The story begins when Chewbacca is headed home with Han Solo to see his family and then is chased by 2 Star Destroyers. But finally, they manage to escape into hyperspace.

Well, if you are one of those people who were unable to watch the Holiday Special, you can still celebrate the Special with this amazing Star Wars themed Christmas tree designed by Darbin Orvar. She has used redwood and plywood shelves to design a tree-like structure that can be mounted to the wall. It is powered by an Arduino and strips of LED lights coded to match Darth Vader’s infamous theme song. The star wars themed Xmas tree easily fits in any small home, apartment or even inside an office- where space is a problem and you’re looking for a little Christmas spirit. Darbin’s decorative piece is easy to move around.

Components required

  • Redwood and plywood
  •  paint (white preferred)
  • LED strip lights
  • 8 AA Batteries or 12v AC Adapter
  • 5 TIP31 Transistors
  • 5 1k Ohm Resistors
  • Hookup wires
  • Tool for soldering
  • Arduino Uno
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Scissors

Carve out your branches using redwood and fix them using screw or nail them to a 2 X 3 foot plywood board in a pattern that resembles a Christmas tree structure. You can either paint the board or leave it natural. Next cut the LED lights into a star form and solder them together, making sure red goes to red and black to black. Cut LED strips for branches and stick them to the board, wire them to a lead, making a hole near the branch to run the line out at the back of the board.

Create a small shelf from plywood and fix it on the side of the board to house all the components such as Arduino, batteries, breadboards and all the wiring. You can choose to create any light sequence yu want. Darbin has used Darth Vader’s theme from star wars.

Individual circuits are created using aTIP31 transistor. From the Base connect a 1k ohm resistor to the pin of the Arduino, grounded the Emitter and connect the Collector to the negative of the LED, while giving the red lead a 12 volt power supply. The Power on the Arduino cannot control the LED alone so you must use something that has more power like a battery.

Watch the video below to get better idea about how to design a Christmas tree with Star wars theme.