Do Your Personal Finances Compute? [Infographic]

When it comes to personal finance, a surprising 82 percent of people use computers to manage. Are these users as good at financially managing their computers as they are digitally managing their money? Maybe they are more confident than they are able.

When a computer begins to lag or underperform, many people decide it’s time for a replacement. For over 40 percent of people, this happens every 4-5 years and, on average, they expect a new computer to cost around $700 (which is a relief compared to buying systems not too long ago). What if instead of spending $700 every 4 years, computer users could get a higher-performing computer for just $80-$120? They can if they decide to upgrade their memory instead of throwing out their old technology. A computer upgrade can do wonders at a fraction of the cost of a completely new computer.  

While many users might be nervous to upgrade their system, it is a pretty easy procedure to upgrade RAM.  If you’re still too afraid you can always get a tech support company to do it for you at a very low cost.

To find out more about whether it’s better to replace than repair, take a look at this infographic from Crucial.

Do Your Personal Finances Compute