Don’t ever miss a single episode of the Simpsons with Smart Homer


Remember those times when you used to always drool in front of the TV waiting for the Simpsons show? But now, we’ve got busy schedules and we don’t find time to pay attention to TV show schedules. Hence, a guy called Tamberg came up with the web-enabled TV remote which he named ‘Smart Homer’.

Well, I know what you’re thinking! ‘What exactly is Smart Homer’, Right? It is an amazing device which knows when ‘The Simpsons’ is being broadcasted. So, whenever the show begins, this miraculous device turns on the TV and even changes the channel.

The robot Homer is kind of similar to the real Homer. I mean, it is lazy and nothing much is going up in its head. So, let’s get on to how it works. A couple of IR emitters are built up in the place of the pupils and the associated wires are made to run down into Homer’s body.

And then, there is an Arduino and Ethernet shield in between a Krusty burger and a pink donut. This electronic duo acts as a web server and looks out to the net for an online script. The script surveys an online TV Program Guide and if ‘The Simpsons’ are being hosted at that time, it will send a signal back to the Arduino which will turn the TV on.

Via: Hack A Day