Dropbox gets iOS 8 support with Notification Center, Shared folders and more


In the wake of iOS 8 launch last week, an array of apps were modified to work more efficiently on the iOS 8 devices. File-sharing app Dropbox has released a big update for iOS 8 which comes with a bunch of additional features to help you try out a lot of things from your iPhone or iPad. The new features include the ability to create custom widgets in the Notification Center and a shared Folder feature.

Dropbox in the Notification Center

Dropbox’s new Notification center widget quickly displays all the files uploaded or recently updated to the cloud storage app. You’ll see a three column list, one for all files, second column for personal files and the third for files associated with your work or business. For those with business or only personal files, the widget displays a single list.

Shared Folders

With the new update, shared folders can now be created via the app, offering you a better control over what is being shared.  Dropbox for Business or Pro users can set and manage read-only permissions on shared folders via the Dropbox app. Also, because iOS 8 supports app extensions, files from other apps can also be imported and exported to and from other iOS apps that support Apple’s Storage Provider App Extensions. To be more clear, you can now access your Dropbox files within other apps and transfer your existing files from other app into Dropbox.

To import files to Dropbox, you need to tap on the ellipsis icon found at the top of your file list. Select “Add files” and tap “More” to toggle between preferred apps for importing.

You can download the updated Dropbox for free from the Apple App Store now.

Via : TechCrunch