Dyson’s bladeless fans are now 75 percent quieter without sacrificing airflow

Dyson has always given many unique designed products to its consumers. Few years back it launched its amazingly designed bladeless fans that were well appreciated by its users. Since that time, it has not come up with anything new on its fans but now the reason behind that has been revealed. Dyson’s engineers were working or rather finding clever ways to make these fans even quieter-up to 75 percent quieter to be exact-on three new models being rolled out today.
Dyson's Bladeless Fans Are Now 75 Percent Quieter
The engineers were working on making this already quite fan more quieter. That sounds bit awkward and why would they do so? Dyson engineer was looking to reduce the turbulence of the high-speed air by creating a larger space inside the base and all this without affecting its airflow. These engineers also reduced airflow obstructions throughout the fan that means they could switch a fan to a lower-power and quieter motor and that too without having any reduction on fan’s performance.
There is one more good news for the owners of this fan as Dyson has even found a way to eliminate the high-pitched 1,000Hz tones produced by the new Dyson Cool fans. So, now your sleep will not be disturbed by any sound of incessant mosquitoes buzzing.
Available in iron/blue, black/nickel, and white/silver colors, the new AM06, AM07, and AM08 Dyson Cool fans will run $300, $400, and $450 respectively. Though it is still very expensive but with its few changes it actually justifies the cost.
Via : Gizmodo