Dyson’s Cordless Vacuum is quick, easy, and powerful

Dyson recently unveiled a new cordless vacuum cleaner that is useful quick, easy spills. This vacuum cleaner a five times expensive than that of other vacuum cleaners available in market.
Robert Green of Dyson said,

“We finally got a cordless machine that can be comparable to an upsized vacuum cleaner. It has 50 percent more power than its predecessor, which all comes from a new four-magnet design. It allows us to spin the central impaler quicker spins around 110,000 rpm. Because we’re spinning it quicker we’re moving more airflow through the motor which obviously allows us to have a greater suction power,”

Dyson cordless vacuums
Cordless cleaning is always easy and reaches difficult areas with ease. The motorized floor tool attaches to the wand, or directly to the machine for awkward spaces. DC35 has a 15 minute run time (13 with the floor tool attached) – or 6 minutes on boost power.

Nancy Horn of TheMamaMaven.com. said

“I find that it’s better and it’s going to last longer I have one now and I’m going on about three years with it and I’ve had other vacuums that die after a year or so and the warranty is usually useless. I always know anything from Dyson is going to be top notch,”

Dyson cordless vacuums
Dyson cordless vacuums
According to Dyson the only down part about this cordless vacuum cleaner is that it takes about three and a half hours to fully charge and that will get you about 25 minutes of cleaning time. The DC50 will cost you around $500 and will be available in market next month. Cordless vacuum cleaner for under $100,