Dyson’s new Cinetic Vacuums makes the filters obsolete

Dyson the brand behind innovative home products with its line of bladeless fans and bagless vacuum cleaners is now ready to reveal a brand new vacuum – the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.

Clipboard01For years, Dyson Vacs have eliminated the need for a bag, but you were required to clean or replace its filter every now and then to make sure the sucking process is perfect. That won’t be the case with Dyson’s new Cinetic series, as they will process dirt into microscopic pieces without blocking and eliminate the need for a filter.

Both the upright and low-slung Dyson versions use flexible tips which vibrate 350 times a second.  All those crumbs and stray hairs are spun out of the airflow into the bin thus preventing dust from clogging the aperture. The Cinetic vacs will operate at its best even after 10 years of service. This is exactly what Cinetic is.

“Eliminating the need for a bag solves one big problem,” said founder James Dyson but filter maintenance need to be addressed. Dyson engineers took almost six years to develop a vacuum cleaner so efficient that it makes the filters obsolete, and doesn’t ever lose suction.

Like most things Dyson, you’ll be paying a healthy sum to get one of these innovations for yourself. The Compact Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy will cost around $700 while the Big Ball Animal retails for $600 and the Animal for $550. The Dyson Cinetic series is set to roll out exclusively through QVC in the US starting Thursday, January 15 and to other major retailers starting in March.

Via: cnet