Dyson’s short video shows its first robot vacuum, project N223 is coming soon

British firm Dyson is about to make a big announcement on September 4, and has released a short 25-second video cryptographically showing off something called project N223.

The video shows various ground-level moving robots and engineers tinkering with parts – leading many to speculate that a robotic Roomba-like hoover is on the horizon. The upcoming N223 device seems to have panoramic cameras and has relatively low profile.

Another few seconds in the video appear to show a machine that looks like it has three cloths attached to it – adding weight to predictions that ‘Project N223’ will be an autonomous cleaning device.

Whatever the product may be, the company has invested both time and  money working on it. Back in February, it was reported that the firm had invested £5 million (over $8 million U.S.) into robotic vision research, which it is conducting with the Imperial College London.

Dyson used to have a section on its site showing off its developmental projects, including a robot vac called Dyson dc06. This has now been removed. Dyson said that it would not release a robot vacuum cleaner until it had perfected the device.

In addition to a variety of vacuum cleaners, Dyson also specializes in several other interesting designs, including bladeless cooling fans and heaters, so there’s always a chance, albeit small, that the N223 is not the robot vacuum cleaner you might desire.

Dyson was going to launch a robotic vacuum cleaner prototype device back in 2001 but cancelled it after realizing it was too heavy and expensive to put into production.

“16 years. 200 engineers. £28m investment. The result? Tell us what you think it is,” the company wrote on YouTube. Check Video above.

Via: BGR