Espresso Veloce’s newest machine V12 inspired by Formula Machine

Great news for all car enthusiasts, V12 the Espresso Veloce’s newest machine is inspired by Formula machine. You will certainly keep on admiring this macho machine in your dreams also. This superb innovation will drive you crazy with its bold manly looks. The V12 coffee machine will be limited to only 500 units priced at about $16,500 and will be assembled from over 90 precision components each made from solid billets.

Espresso Veloce’s newest machine V12

The Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12 is designed to resemble a half-scale F1 engine.

The pipes get an 18-hour stint in a zirconium ball-polisher to create a mirror finish, and the tips are blued with heat to echo the discoloration of racing exhausts.
Designed by the team at Espresso Veloce, this machine is crafted with high quality materials such including titanium, magnesium, and aluminum. Espresso Veloce , Johannesburg-based company is well known for its crafts in the world. V12 truly is a most expressive and functional piece of art. The V12 will not take even a minute to give you a hot coffee as it is capable of making espresso in 16 seconds flat. V12 is not only expected to fulfill commercial desires but will also enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Via : Espressoveloce/Designboom