Explore the stars with 3D printed telescope powered by Nokia Lumia 1020

3D printed telescope

For those amateur astronomers who’ve always dreamt of owning a powerful telescope, but can’t exactly afford one, here is some good news for you. Microsoft has teamed up with the Open Space Agency founder James Parr for designing the first affordable 3D Printed telescope called ‘Ultrascope’. The device catches your eyes due to the fact that it is 3D-printed, but it is even more amazing since it incorporates a Lumia 1020 smartphone from Nokia.

The Ultrascope stands one meter tall when pointed vertically and 65cm wide at the base. It is powered by an Arduino platform micro-controller and a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone which has a 41 MP camera. Your Windows laptop will look for the ISS and forwards its location to Ultrscope’s Arduino shield to move its motors. Once the telescope positions itself, the camera starts capturing photos and sends them to cloud for post-processing.

While the project is still in beta mode, avid makers and DIY enthusiasts can sign up on the Open Space Agency site to become one of the first to 3D-print and use an Ultrascope.

Via: Engadget