Facebook adds new “Save”- a Bookmarking Feature to Access your Favorite Posts Later

Sometimes you’re short on time and visit Facebook to quickly see what your friends are up to and see something you ‘re interested in but may not have time to explore it right away. Facebook is making it easier to save those pages for later access.

Facebook rolled out a new feature Monday that aims to help users who are in a hurry but they want to check out links, places, movies, TV shows and music when they have more time.

The web and mobile archival feature, dubbed “Facebook Save” acts as a bookmark for things you’re interested in. The saved pages can be accessed when you have more time on the Web or your mobile device. Saved items are personal and they won’t appear to your Facebook friends unless you wish to share them.

You can save a post in News Feed by clicking the drop down menu in the post’s upper righthand corner. If you’re looking at a place or music page, you will find a new “Save” tab just under that Page’s profile photo.

Facebook introduces ‘Save on Facebook’ feature
You can later access the saved posts using the “More” tab on mobile, or by clicking the Saved feature on the left hand side of your News Feed. Facebook will organize your items by category, and you can swipe right on each item to share it with friends, view the post, review it, like it, or move it to your archive list, Giambalvo said. If you save a post and forget about it, Facebook will periodically notify you that you have posts you found interesting some time.

Facebook introduces ‘Save on Facebook’ feature
The new feature, like almost all components of the social network giant is to retain you inside Facebook. Instead of running after Pinterest, ?Instapaer, Pocket, or other read-it-later services, you can use Facebook as a bookmarking service. It’s also a good way to keep track of restaurants and stores you may want to visit.
Facebook introduces ‘Save on Facebook’ feature
This cool new feature will start rolling out to Android, iOS and the Web over the next few days according to Facebook’s blog post.