Facebook Updates iOS and Android apps with Location Sharing, Nearby Friends invites and Offline likes

Facebook ‘s official iOS app has been updated to version 11 and its android app to version 10. Both the updates are available now in the Google Play Store and App store.

Facebook App 11.0 For iOS Released
Besides improvements for reliability and speed, in the 11.0 version of the app, the social network has added a search box and invite button to the Nearby Friends screen. Nearby Friends allows you to share your location with, well, nearby friends. You can either choose to have your location for a selected period of time, or indefinitely. It will also show you the approximate distance between you and your pals. The new feature is hot off the press and is only available to U.S users.

For Android, Facebook has added a few handy tricks. The new app will allow users to “like” posts, photos and Pages without an internet connection. So if you’re offline, no worries- just hit the “like” button and forget about it. The action will of course sync once you are online. The app also allows you to remove tags you’ve created or remove tags of yourself that your friends have created. Users can turn post notifications on and off and the last but very important one is that the update adds – – “improvements for speed and reliability.”

Facebook for iOS and Android.