Facebook Messenger Finally goes Universal for iPad

Social networking behemoth Facebook has finally released a new ipad-optimised version of its Facebook Messenger application. Facebook messenger allows its users do lot of things on a phone, but still many users love to chat on their tablets too- and apparently Facebook knows it.

Messenger for iPad comes with most of the functionality of the iPhone app, allowing you carry on a conversation without having to either dig through chats in the main Facebook app or rely on third-party titles. You can view your current conversation in one pane alongside a list of recent threads. Other features include sticker packs and voice calling. It’s only missing the latest additions, including video messaging, split-screen selfie camera and tap-and-hold quick video recordings.

Facebook Messenger Finally goes Universal for iPad

It’s a pretty app for Messenger users who are tired of having to juggle their iPhone while working or playing on their iPad. If you’ve got both the apps on your iPad, tapping the Messages button in Facebook will take you to the Messenger and hitting the bar at the top of Messenger returns you to Facebook.

Messaging is a huge focus for the company right now. While Facebook is popular for its News Feed and profile, users prefer sifting through the broadcasted content for most part of the day. Facebook wants to win this game, and so it’s rapidly releasing updates to compete. Chat is a foundation that other social interactions can be built upon. That’s why Facebook has invested $19 billion to acquire What’sApp.

We are already familiar with Facebook’s Poke, and now the company is adding another feature “borrowed” from other messaging app: Stickers

Facebook is not generating its revenue directly from Messenger. Instead, the social network giant uses it to promote platform lock-in. More devices means more people locked-in.

Via : Techcrunch