Facebook officially opens its mobile ad ‘Audience Network’ to all businesses

Facebook ad

After announcing its mobile ad platform at f8 conference for developers back in April, the social network giant officially opened up its Audience Network on Tuesday to all marketers.

Facebook’s Audience Network is now open to any marketer with a third-party app who wishes to use rich social media user data such as a person’s age, location and what books they like to reach consumers not only on Facebook, but on other mobile apps and services as well.

As of now, all app ads and link ads are eligible to appear in the Audience Network. Facebook’s ads interfaces – the Ads Create tool, Power Editor, and the API – will inform you whether your ads match the interests of people, just as they do on Facebook. It also means audience are more likely to engage with the ads.

Facebook revealed it has redesigned the platform to support more ad types. Along with app install and app engagement ads, the Audience Network now supports link ads, meaning any advertiser can tap into the network – which includes apps such as Shazam, Cheetahmobile, Vinted, Merriam-Webster, Myfitnesspal and Kim Kardashian : Hollywood – to generate traffic to their mobile websites.

Facebook claims businesses are getting strong results with their Audience Network campaigns, compared to ads place on just Facebook alone. Walgreens increased its reach by 5 percent when compared to other ads the pharmacy launched on Facebook. Click-through rates were up 4 to 5X with when it experimented using the Audience Network.

The Audience Network has helped HarperCollins’ William Morrowreach potential new readers outside of Facebook’s News Feed, according to Jennifer Hart, SVP and group marketing director of William Morrow.  Hart further adds that the Audience Network has been the best marketing tool ever and they’ve tested it on some of their bestselling authors including Susan Elizabeth Phillips and James Rollins.

Last year Google took a 46.4% share of worldwide mobile ad spend, while Facebook claimed 16.5% share, according to e-marketer. Facebook is hoping the Audience Network bridges a gap between developers and advertisers, endearing both to Facebook.

Via: Venturebeat