Facebook Paper For iPhone Now Available

Last week we told you about the arrival of a Facebook paper app and good news is that it is now available for download. First of all this app being a facebook app has already gained a lot of popularity. Facebook Paper poses a real threat to Flipboard’s dominance.
Mark Zuckerberg’s team was very much focused on this paper app project and finally got the start that they were expecting. The app is nicely interactive, heavily gesture-based, and content seems to just flow, irrespective of whether it’s a news report, shared photo or Internet meme. App features a rich WYSIWYG editor and allows its users to customize Paper with a dozen of choices to other sections about various themes and topics.

Facebook Paper

This news-reading app gives you regular news feed and also comes with a sections that include global headlines, celebrity news, sports scores, the latest tech reports and more. When the user will launch paer for first time they will be shown how to properly set the app up, that means user have a choice to add or deleate your preferred sections. At the bottom of every story that you will read on Paper you will get a option for like, share and comment.

Paper is all about swipes and gestures, to read a story you just need to swipe it from bottom to top and a cool flipping animation, like unfolding a newspaper, will reveal the report right inside the app to go back, simply swipe from the top down. There is no refresh button available on paper app. There will be no add’s on this app, no overt branding, not even any particular emphasis on your own News Feed. Users also gets an access to create post to update your status, settings and Edit Sections on the main feed.
Really, facebook with Paper has changes the way of looking in to news, it has given its users an excellent mobile app that displays news in a beautiful way.As we told our readers in our last article about Paper that it will be liked by apple users, we stand by our words and after giving you this review we are more sure about this app being the best launch by Facebook for Apple.
Paper has a very decent interface, is now available in app store, and is free to download. The app is currently only available in the US App Store. The company has not announced when it will be available internationally.

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paper-stories-from-facebook/id794163692