Facebook to Bring another Change- Stickers in Comments

Facebook Brings Stickers To CommentsFacebook is currently running a test which allows you to post stickers while commenting on the social network. Until now, Stickers were restricted to Facebook’s Messenger applications and its chat feature.

“We are running a test which allows you to add a sticker to a comment on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “Simply tap the sticker to add it to the comment, in the same way you would in Messenger.”

Only a handful of users have been using the stickers in comments section for testing, though no details have been revealed about a global rollout.

Thodoris Konsoulas of Social Media Life shared the screenshot above from a reader, pointing out that the stickers icon appears next to the camera icon for users to attach images to their comments.

Facebook Brings Stickers To Comments

Facebook has been adding more features to its website lately. These includes adding a save feature and changing how ads target individuals on the website.

The stickers feature will expand to the rest of Facebook users it’s well received.