Facebook’s another update- version 13.1 for iOS

Facebook(World’s Largest Social Networking Giant) has once again released an update for iOS client- Facebook 13.1. But nothing have changed with respective user interface of Facebook, the app had only received bug fixes and nothing more.

Facebook 13.1 For iOS Released,

According to the company’s blog post, they’ve fixed a major bug in the Apple Core Data system.

The ability to work at scale is one of the most exciting parts of engineering at Facebook. However, certain fundamental programming challenges inevitably become more difficult with scale. Debugging, for example, can prove difficult even if you can reliably reproduce the problem – and this difficulty increases when debugging a highly visible but nondeterministic issue in a rapidly changing codebase. Recently, we solved a long-term mobile debugging problem and reduced the crash rate for people using the Facebook for iOS app by more than 50 percent.

Several months ago, one of our top crashes on iOS was manifesting itself in Apple’s Core Data system, an object-relational mapper into the underlying database (SQLite). We were receiving these crashes into our crash report analyzer, but it took months to figure out the right angle to approach the problem from. Using Hipal and Scuba to query and aggregate across reports, we found out that the Code Data error code numbers varied across half a dozen different manifestations.

The post continues to explain the method they had to follow to identify the root cause of the problem, which was due to a race condition in the networking stack. The problem had got accentuated after Facebook defaulted secure connections for all users. They also point out that abandoning manual code analysis was a good strategy to identify the problem. Once the problem was identified, it took the networking team a few hours to fix the problem.

You can download this updated version for free on iOS app store.

(Download: Facebook for iOS on the App Store)