Fedora 21 Beta is out for Cloud, Server and WorkStation platforms


Following a few delays, the Beta build of Fedora Linux-based operating system is out, you can start looking forward to the stable version of the distro, which should land in a little over a month from now.

Version 21 is the first update to spring from the Fedora.next project. Fedora 21 splits the operating system into three different variants: Workstation, Cloud, and Server.

Fedora Workstation is a user-friendly operating system designed for desktop and laptop users. It features the latest GNOME desktop (3.14), which integrates Picasaweb and the DLNA media server to help improve interaction with other devices. It also includes  a tool called DevAssistant and the Wayland display server, a suite of default apps including Firefox, LiberOfffice, and Rhytmbox, and a software Center for finding and downloading additional software.

The Cloud beta is a top-level variant designed for creating private clouds or other simple projects. Fedora Server is designed with application stacks in mind and is aimed at web or file or database servers. You can download Fedora 21 Beta right now from here.

Via: Liliputing