First water-based Nuclear battery promises new leap for auto and space industry

water-based battery

Most of the gadgets we use in our daily lives are powered by batteries. With an attempt to increase its durability and efficiency, folks at the University of Missouri have designed a more-powerful water-based nuclear battery that could help to provide a lengthy power source for automobiles and even in complicated applications such as spacecraft.

Associate Professor Jae W.Kwon said that betavoltaics, a battery technology that generates electricity from radiation, has been known as an energy source since the 1950s. Knon further added that controlled nuclear technologies cause no harm. People have already implemented nuclear technologies in their lives including fire detectors in bedrooms and emergency exit signs in multi-storied buildings.

The battery uses a radioactive isotope called strontium-90 that generates electrochemical energy in a water-based solution. A nanostructured titanium dioxide electrode (the common element found in sunscreens and UV blockers) with a platinum coating collects and effectively assists the breakdown of water in conjunction with the applied radiation into assorted electrons.

Via: Gizmodo