FitBit releases new fitness trackers: Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge

Earlier this year, Fitbit had some issues with its Force fitness tracker when the users reported that they developed some skin problems with it. Well, we haven’t heard any replacement since then, have we? But, news leaked recently that Fitbit could be coming out with two new fitness trackers: the Charge and the Charge HR.

The Fitbit Charge looks very much similar to the Fitbit Force. However, the new tracker is devoid of that skin irritation causing nickel. Some of the features similar to Force were listed like tracking steps, calories burned, distance, active minutes and floors climbed. It displays caller ID, time and stats. It monitors sleep quality. It is water resistant with a silent vibrating alarm.

Now, coming to the Fitbit Charge HR, it appears to incorporate heart rate monitoring. Well, this feature has been never been seen in any of Fitbit’s other trackers. Earlier, there were guesses that Fitbit’s new device could be called PurePulse but now it seems like that is the system which Fitbit is using to track the heart rate in Change HR. So, FitBit Charge HR is nothing but FitBit Charge with the added benefit of tracking your heartbeat at all times.

And, speaking about the battery life, a test was conducted and Fitbit Charge lasted for 10 days after it was charged. However, the Charge HR might fall a little shorter than that but however that is nothing to worry about. Lastly, it is time to reveal its price! A Russian Retailer has put the Charge and Charge HR at $220 and $185 respectively. So, the UK pricing will come to about £200 and £180. Anyways, that is a little much expensive when compared to the Force. But it might be worth it.

Via: Gizmodo